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Joss Sargent of Capitalise Performance shares her story

I’m Joss Sargent and a fan of F1 Recruitment and Amanda, who placed me years ago when I worked in the sports world and who I admire, particularly her work around diversity and supporting returners to the workplace.

I’ve come on quite a journey.  I have worked internationally in Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UK when I was in the sporting world in rugby, tennis, golf and cricket and was blessed with being part of some amazing events.  I then got headhunted to work for HSBC in the Middle East as their Head of Sponsorship and Events which set me on a new path, and where I became fascinated by people behaviours, performance and leadership.

From there, I trained to be a corporate coach specialising in Leadership, Change, Conflict and Careers.  I have a post-graduate in the Psychology of Organisational Change and Development, and more recently became a Barrett Culture Transformation Tools Practitioner. I now class myself as an expert in strategic communications, leadership, culture and performance.

My passion is helping people to be more strategic with their careers so they can climb to the next level and be at their most successful.  I also help businesses develop great leaders and healthy, high-performing cultures.

One of my popular programmes is The First 100 Days Capitaliser which I love and know works as I have taken myself through it on numerous occasions over the years.  Having coached many leaders on it, I’ve tweaked and honed it so it is now at its most robust and effective.  Instead of feeling like you’re a rabbit in headlights in your first 100 days being dragged from pillar to post, this is a step-by-step guide to support you along the way. It helps you to remain focused and strategic and by the end of the 100 days, you’re seen as a credible leader and more often than not, you’re classed as top talent and already part of the succession plan.

Do check out my website and you have the option to sign up and download the freebies which include the First 100 Days Capitaliser Checklist to help kick start your new role.  If you need my help, you know where I am.